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Designing lean, green silicon machines

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Designing lean, green silicon machines
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One of the most important engineering challenges of our time

Author: Cadence design Systems


Everyone loves solar energy. It’s clean, renewable, and delivered free daily. However, it took millions of years for green plants to store the solar energy in the 1000 billion barrels of oil that existed on Earth when humans drilled the first oil well in 1858. Since then, we have burned up 750 billion of those barrels, and most of that consumption occurred in just the last 25 years. Together with burning coal, this rush to toss fossil fuels onto the bonfire has also released more carbon dioxide than the world’s oceans and forests can handle, trapping the sun’s rays in the atmosphere like greenhouse glass and leading to the climate change that now threatens everything from crops to coastlines. This is why finding ways to cut energy usage is one of the most important engineering challenges of our time. Cadence is at the forefront of this effort, developing new technologies to help engineers create green chip designs for energy-efficient electronic products.


Lida wrote re: Designing lean, green silicon machines
on 03-25-2010 8:56 PM

In my opinion there are two important engineering challenges related to energy and environment:

How to provide more green energy?

How to reduce energy consumption?